Cherie B. Tay (she/they) is a:

  • Multimedia Artist in New York City by way of Texas, Connecticut, Singapore, Pennsylvania, and San Diego.

  • Broadway Stage Manager by trade. Cherie is currently working on A Strange Loop.

  • Podcaster. During a time of shared global trauma, she started an uplifting news podcast.

  • Professional photographer/videographer. From weddings, to portraits, to production photos, Cherie's work has been featured in the New York Times, Vulture, Forbes, and more.

  • Ukulele teacher. Cherie has taught ukulele to all ages, and also taught with the national tour cast of Margaritaville. They will happily teach anybody the ukulele!

  • Foodie and puzzle cube lover.

  • Proud queer gender non-conforming person of color!