How do I get into voice over?

Cherie Edition!

v 1/18/2023

I've wanted to do voice overs since 2009. 

I had a one on one session with a medical narrator friend. He suggested that I buy a recorder to start recording and listening to my voice. (This was before voice memos on iPhones!)

For the next decade, I got so caught up in the theatre world that I didn't have time to pursue VO. 

While stage managing theatre and events, I got to use my voice for corporate introductions and live announcements. 

In 2019 while doing Hadestown, I decided to dip my toes into the VO water, thanks to a push from André De Shields, Amber Gray, and Kimberly Marable.

I knew that it would take work, but now I realize just how much work it takes to start from scratch!

Voice over is a business. You are starting a business. 

Here is what I've sent folks who tell me they want to get into Voice Over:

Check out this website to get started:


Demo Mills (places that promise you a demo after 3 classes for $2,000+)

You will not be able to voice a good demo after a month. It takes a lot of training.

Quick Money Online Courses (Be very careful who you listen to and who you give your money to.)

Find people who are currently working in the industry. 

Do not sign up for courses that promise that you'll make 6 figures within a year. If it's too good to be true, it is.

Cheap Equipment (Do not buy extremely cheap equipment!)

Join global and local VO Facebook groups and read previous posts about mic recommendations. 

Don't get a $49 USB mic. AND don't throw $2,000 to a new mic and think that you will get jobs just because you have an expensive mic.

Having a good mic and a sound treated space that's not up to par will still make you sound bad.



I used a Synco D2 (~$175-$199) for a long time and booked many gigs with it. 

I now use a Sennheiser MKH 416. I got mine renewed (~$818), but you can get it new, including headphones & XLR cable (~$999)

People suggested the Rode NT1 on all the reddit forums, but that picked up too much noise in my NYC apartment. 

Make sure you check that your mic works for your voice.


I have a Scarlett 2i2 (Currently on sale for ~$159), but all you need is one input, so you could just get a Scarlett Solo (~$110).


I use the Sony MDR-7506 (~$81). If I could upgrade, I would get the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm (~$139).

Sound Treated Space

I built my own studio. Check it out here! You will need a sound treated space to record.

Recording Software

I use Adobe Audition. A lot of people use different software, so find out what works for you!

Audacity is free. Be sure to look up tutorials on Youtube to learn how to use it. 

Classes & Resources

Find people and classes who align with your values. 

VOcation helped launch my career! I met my cheer team and mentors through it. They have scholarships available as well.

Jordan Reynolds has an awesome audio ninja course to help with your home studio set up.

You will need to keep training, taking classes, workout groups once you are doing VO. The learning never stops!

Other mentors I look up to: Carin Gilfry, Maria Pendolino, Mara Junot, Karen Huie


Meet others who you want to cheer on, and who will cheer you on. 

It is not a competition. Uplift your peers and send their names out for jobs you cannot do!

Shout out to my VO Cheer Team and VO Fam! It takes a village!!

(Also a good resource to see how other VO folks make their websites and demos.)

Soraya, Ashley, Cenophia, Yinka, Isabella, Stephanie, Scott, Torian, Wayne

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