Bringing Voice to Stories That Matter

As a queer, BIPOC, gender non-conforming voice actor, Cherie is committed to amplifying marginalized voices and telling diverse stories. With a wide range of working genres and a background in theater and multimedia, Cherie is a versatile and dynamic performer.

Getting to Know You! (Getting to Know All About You!)

Fun Facts

I have achieved all my childhood dreams!
  - Worked as a Broadway Stage Manager  
  - Performed a Principal role on Broadway with Meslissa Etheridge!
  - Worked around the world. (London, Japan, Korea, Italy, France)
  - Found a loving and supportive partner.
  - Adopted a super cute foster dog.

My new goals involve more Voice Over (and YOU!)
  - Voice the Tony Awards.
  - Voice a Super Bowl Commercial.
  - Work to Live (instead of live to work).
  - Be the person that younger me needed.
  - HAVE FUN while making enough money to send my nieces to space camp.

I grew up in Singapore and can bring out my accent when needed!

I am a life long DIYer and Problem Solver! I made my own booth, websites, business cards, and headshots! I also love a good deal and a sale!

One of my favorite things to do is travel to eat. Learning languages to communicate at restaurants is one of my goals when I'm traveling, and I even have a TikTok food vlog from my time in Korea.

My photographs have been published in the New York Times, Vulture, Forbes, and many more publications.

I started a waffle instagram called "Waffle Dreams NYC", making waffles that people dream of; Pesto & Cheese waffles, Croque Madame waffles, etc! Waffles > Pancakes (except for Japanese Fluffy Pancakes. Those win.)

Check out my Creative Website to learn more about my other interests!

Here's a super long bio if you want to read more!

Get ready to be blown away by Cherie B. Tay, a non-binary voice actor extraordinaire! With a voice that's dynamic, engaging, and truly one-of-a-kind, Cherie is the top choice for any project looking for a standout voice.

But Cherie's talents don't stop at their voice. With years of experience in the performing arts industry, they've honed their skills and are a true master of versatility. Whether it's a commercial, video game, audiobook, or anything in between, Cherie has the skills and talent to bring any script to life.

And that's not all. Cherie is a true renaissance person, with a passion for life that shines through in everything they do. They've achieved all their childhood dreams, from stage managing on Broadway to working around the globe, and they bring that same dedication and energy to every project they work on.

Whether it's food, photography, or learning something new, Cherie approaches everything with a sense of curiosity and wonder, always looking for ways to capture life and see beauty in the world around them. And as a queer, BIPOC, gender non-conforming artist who immigrated from Singapore in their teens, they're committed to amplifying marginalized voices and telling diverse stories.

So if you're looking for a voice actor who's not just talented, but passionate, versatile, and dedicated to creating meaningful art, look no further than Cherie B. Tay. Let them bring their full self and their love of storytelling to your project and watch as it becomes something truly amazing.