Download Cherie's Demos HERE.

Cherie brings a unique perspective to voiceover work with their experience growing up in Singapore from Pre-K through Secondary School. Although they quickly lost their accent to fit in after moving to the US and transferring to a new middle school, Cherie is excited to use their Singaporean accent again in their voiceover work. They have a deep understanding of the nuances and subtleties of the Singapore accent, making them a perfect fit for anyone looking for an authentic and engaging voiceover with a Singaporean twist. Cherie is your match to create a voiceover that showcases their unique background and voice acting skills.

Additionally, as an experienced voice actor, Cherie understands that some clients may be looking for a generic "Asian" accent, even though such a request can be problematic and potentially offensive. When such a situation arises, Cherie is happy to provide their Singaporean accent as a suitable alternative that still brings authenticity to the performance. With Cherie's range and versatility, they can provide the requested style while still honoring the diversity and uniqueness of Asian cultures.